How I got 20k Instagram Profile Visits with Grilled Cheese

Let me just get this out of the way. I really like grilled cheese. Over time I have crafted what I believe to be the best method for grilled cheese. Eventually, I started an Instagram page to document my love of grilled cheese. I never thought it would turn into anything worthwhile.

Initially, it all started with a bike trip. My account had about 1,100 followers at the time I started the trip. The objective: To bike to college campuses across the country and sell grilled cheese to fund my travels.

Long story short, the trip had more learning experiences both good and bad than the entirety of my college career. I had to get a ride out of the Rocky Mountains, ran out of money, planned poorly, you get the idea.

Throughout the whole trip, I gained about 200 followers. But when I got back I made grilled cheese for someone with over 20k followers. Overnight I gained forty more. After that I started implementing a new pricing strategy for my "service". Trading grilled cheese for shoutouts and content opportunities.

Over the next year, I made more grilled cheese than I could keep track of. I was leaving grocery stores with over $200 worth of cheese! I was finally getting paid to make grilled cheese for big name people like Ski Mask the Slump God, DJ Scheme, and Cole Bennett.

I received a grilled cheese request from Supreme Patty. For those of you who are unfamiliar, he is an Instagram influencer with over six million active followers. Which brings us to the picture above. That is the insight page on my Instagram app after getting a shoutout in exchange for grilled cheese. My page had gained over 160k impressions over the next day or two. I had tons of notifications and message requests from strangers, all of my posts got flooded with engagement to the point that I had to turn off the push notifications on my phone.

I now have over 4,000 followers, which is small compared to others. But I always remember that these experiences, all the people I've met, the places I've been, have all come from something as simple as grilled cheese. Which proves that there is an audience for everyone online. I hope this inspires someone to start a page they're passionate about!

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